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Vous détestez quand le haut de votre soutien-gorge collant dépasse de votre haut ? Nous aussi !

Le Demi Sticky Bra de BOOMBA a un design unique breveté. Les bonnets de soutien-gorge de notre Demi Sticky Bra sont coupés plus bas pour qu'il reste toujours caché sous votre haut. Les bonnets du soutien-gorge se moulent à tes courbes naturelles pour offrir un décolleté d'apparence naturelle. Son bord sans points de couture garantit qu'il reste lisse sous tes vêtements pour un look sans couture.

  • Spécialement conçu pour rester caché sous les décolletés.
  • Fermeture à fermoir pour renforcer le décolleté
  • Léger et respirant
  • Parfait pour les vêtements dos nu
  • Confortable pour être porté toute la journée
  • Réutilisable et lavable

Nos produits ne sont pas recommandés pour les personnes qui ont une peau sensible ou fine.


How to use BOOMBA Bra:


Stand in front of a mirror. With the two sides of the bra connected, stick the left side of the bra onto your breast at a 45º angle.


Scoop your right breast up and towards the middle. Next, stick on the right side of the bra at a 45º angle.


Re-adjust if needed. Unstick the other side, scoop breast to desired position, and re-stick until you're satisfied with the results!

How to Remove: To remove your sticky bra, unclasp and gently peel off one cup at a time, starting from the top outer edge. Reapply protective films onto the sticky bra and store back into the BOOMBA gift box, away from direct sunlight.

How to Clean: This sticky bra needs to be cleaned gently by hand. Do not machine wash or put in the dryer. Use warm water and mild soap. Gently use the pad of your fingertips to wash the adhesive, avoiding contact with fingernails. Carefully shake the sticky bra to remove excess water, and lay it to air-dry in a dust-free area. Once your sticky bra is dry, reapply the protective films and store it back into the BOOMBA gift box, away from direct sunlight.


If you are unsure of your bra size, please measure your bust and contact us with the measurements.

BOOMBA Demi Sticky Bra:


28A A
30A A
32A A
34A A
36A B
38A C
40A D
42A E
44A F
28B A
30B A
32B A
34B B
36B C
38B D
40B E
42B F
28C A
30C A
32C B
34C C
36C D
38C E
40C F
28D A
30D B
32D C
34D D
36D E
38D F
28DD/E B
30DD/E C
32DD/E D
34DD/E E
36DD/E F
28G D
30G E
32G F
28H E
30H F
28I F

Tip: always size up if you're in between sizes for a seamless fit.

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance, we'd love to hear from you!


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Why Choose BOOMBA?

BOOMBA products are created by women for women. That’s why our products fit and feel better, because we have also experienced the same struggles you have right now.

We create our products using the best materials and really put care and thought behind the design to ensure a seamless and comfortable fit. When you wear BOOMBA’s products, you will definitely feel and see the difference a good bra makes.

Our products may not be the cheapest, but you can bet that our products will outlast the competitors. Many sticky bra alternatives are priced lower, but you can also only get a few uses out of them. Ours are created using the highest quality materials so that they will actually last, creating less waste in the long run. All our products are also manufactured in a safe and clean working environment that pays fair wages to their employees. We are proud to support fair trade and want to thank you for also doing the same.

Together we can make a difference.

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Which BOOMBA Bra is best for you?



Designed with ultra-thin edges, this bra gives you exceptional coverage when you are wearing a strapless or backless dress with thin fabric


Sticky Bra

BOOMBA Sticky Bra provides lightweight coverage without the awkward, bulky bra lines under your strapless outfits.


Demi Sticky Bra

This sticky bra has a unique demi-cup design, giving you enough coverage under your strapless outfits with straight necklines.


Magic Padded Sticky Bra

This sticky bra boasts padded cups that add up to TWO cup sizes while still looking natural under your strapless clothing.

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