Here’s The Scoop On Our Newly Launched MEGA Body Tape

Open up unlimited outfit possibilities.

The moment you’ve all been waiting for: Our Body Tape is now available in a BIGGER size!

Body Tape is a must-have if you want to achieve perky breasts while going braless under your tricky outfits.

Compared to the other body tapes in the market, MEGA is 50% wider and double the length of our regular size—it is 7.5 cm wide and 10.1m long. You can now get MORE coverage and support while using less body tape! Our MEGA body tape is perfect for BOOMBA Babes with larger busts, as it provides a strong hold for a long-lasting lift.

Made with stretchy and comfy cotton material. The adhesive is gentle, which means it is sticky enough to stay in place all day yet gentle enough for painless removal.

You can buy Mega Body Tape for only $33 per roll. It is available in four different shades to blend with various skin tones, and they officially launched today on our website.

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