Choosing The Perfect Undergarment For Your Summer Outfits

Rock the braless look this summer.

Summer is just around the corner, which means bikinis, drinks by the pool, and ultra cute outfits! 

Your choice of undergarment could make or break the outfit. Luckily, BOOMBA offers all sorts of bra alternatives that are sure to fit your summer style requirements. 

No matter what look you’re going for during #hotgirlsummer, we’ve got you covered (and supported)!

Best For That Instant Lift and Volume: BOOMBA Inserts 

BOOMBA Inserts are your best choice if you are looking to add some heat to your summertime ensemble! With various styles ranging from lightly padded to extra padded, these inserts provide instant lift and volume without a bra or surgery. 

Ultra Boost Inserts

The top-rated Ultra Boost Inserts come in a rounded-triangle shape, adding up to TWO cup sizes instantly to give you that extra oomph factor. 

Demi Boost Inserts 

The best-selling Demi Boost Inserts are oval-shaped inserts that boost up to 2 cup sizes. They provide instant lift and volume in sweetheart necklines. 

Perfect Boost Inserts 

Perfect Boost Inserts are abalone-shaped inserts that stay hidden under low-cut dresses and add one full cup size to give you an instant perk.

Invisible Lift Inserts 

Invisible Lift Inserts are triangular-shaped and lightly padded. These are perfect for BOOMBA Babes who are looking for natural-looking cleavage and lift without increasing their bust size. 

Best For Strapless, Backless Summer Dresses: BOOMBA Bras

Never let another pesky bra strap kill your vibe again. BOOMBA Bras are the best because not only do they come in a range of sizes and shades, they are also made with high quality materials to ensure they last throughout the summer! 


Invisibra is made of pure silicone and has a skin-like finish. Designed with ultra-thin edges, they blend seamlessly into your skin, making them undetectable even under the thinnest fabrics. No unflattering bulges, no digging straps, no awkward bra lines!  

Demi Sticky Bra 

Demi Sticky Bra has a unique straight edge design to stay discreet under straight necklines. It also provides the perfect coverage while giving your bust a subtle boost of cleavage.

Sticky Bra

Sticky Bra provides lightweight coverage, which means it will not weigh your breasts down— no need to constantly adjust your bra every minute! It features stitch-free edges, so you won’t have to deal with bulky bra lines.

Magic Padded Sticky Bra 

Magic Padded Sticky Bra is uniquely designed to look extra natural compared to other padded sticky bras. It boasts padded cups that add up to TWO cup sizes while still looking natural under clothing. No bulk, just natural-looking cleavage!

Best For Preventing Nip Slip Mishaps: BOOMBA Nipple Covers

While going braless can be genuinely freeing, not everyone is comfortable with their nipples showing through their top. BOOMBA Nipple Covers is the best of both worlds! They mask your perky nipples while still giving you the feeling of being braless. 

Magic Nipple Covers

Magic Nipple Covers are made with ultra-thin silicone. They stay virtually invisible under your clothes while helping you prevent wardrobe malfunctions. Plus, these nipple covers are washable and reusable, so you can wear them repeatedly. 

Satin Nipple Covers

Satin Nipple Covers have a petal-shaped design that provides smooth and seamless coverage under your tops for a bra-free look. These nipple covers are for one-time use only.

Double-sided Nipple Covers

Double-sided Nipple Covers are perfect for those who like to add extra security to their clothing. It is sticky on both sides; one side grips onto your garment while the other one adheres to your skin. These nipple covers are designed for one-time use only. 

Be Summer-ready With BOOMBA

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