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BOOMBA 101: Introducing Our Single Boost Inserts

Unpacking the difference between Invisible Lift and Perfect Boost Inserts.

Whether you’re just adding one full cup size or just interested in a subtle lift, here are the best single-boost inserts that deserve a spot in your wardrobe.

What Are Invisible Lift Inserts?

Invisible Lift Inserts are definitely our underdog as they are often underestimated. These lightly padded inserts are intended to provide a natural-looking lift without adding too much padding. They also have a triangular shape that makes them perfect for most tops and bikinis. Plus, they have a wide range of cup sizes— these inserts cater to AA, A, B, C, D, E cups with sizes F and G coming soon. 

See Invisible Lift Inserts In Action

Invisible Lift Inserts’ Style Gallery

What Are Perfect Boost Inserts?

Not gonna lie, these bra inserts wowed most of our BOOMBA Babes. Designed specifically to add one full cup size, Perfect Boost Inserts provides subtle but perky cleavage in seconds and helps fill out clothing. Another standout feature of these inserts is their shape: It has an abalone shape that makes them ideal for sweetheart necklines. The inserts are ideal for A-D cups.

See Perfect Boost Inserts In Action

Perfect Boost Inserts’ Style Gallery

Want to know the perfect insert for you? Head over to this blog and learn more about BOOMBA Inserts. Also, we want to stay connected with you. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to learn more about BOOMBA.

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