What’s the difference between Invisibra, Demi Sticky Bra, and Sticky Bra?

Your go-to guide for all the BOOMBA Bra styles and their unique purpose

Have you ever tried on a backless top or dress but put it back in your closet because you don’t have the right undergarment for it? Picking the perfect “no-show” bra that will give you support at the same time can be a challenge.

With BOOMBA Bras, you can find the perfect bra that allows you to wear tricky tops without going *totally* braless.

What is Invisibra?

Invisibra is also known as “The World’s Thinnest Sticky Bra.” Its ultra-thin silicone and seamless design make it completely undetectable, even under the thinnest fabric— no bumps, no ridges. This second-skin sticky bra allows you to wear backless and thin tops without worrying about hiding your bra straps anymore. 

Available in three different shades —Sand, Beige, Cocoa, and Black

What is a Sticky Bra?

Just like the traditional sticky bra, BOOMBA’s Sticky Bra is the bra that sticks, lifts, and is comfortable under any backless top. Unlike the Invisibra, BOOMBA’s Sticky bra has a stitch-free edge that ensures to stay smooth under your clothing. Lightweight and breathable, you can wear it comfortably all day long. 

Available in four different shades—Sand, Caramel, Cocoa, and Black

What is a Demi Sticky Bra?

The Demi Sticky Bra has less coverage than the BOOMBA’s Sticky Bra. It has a lower cut to keep it hidden from plunging necklines. The bra cups mold to fit your natural curves to emphasize and boost your cleavage. Just like the Sticky Bra, it has a stitch-free edge to ensure that it stays invisible under your clothing.

Available in four different shades— Sand, Beige, Caramel, and Cocoa.

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