Ultimate Summer Guide: The Perfect BOOMBA Goodies To Wear Underneath Your Bikinis

Discover what BOOMBA goodies would go perfectly well with your bikinis.

There’s no doubt about it: Bikini season is now in full swing, so it’s officially the time to get your swimsuit wardrobe ready for fun beach trips and pool parties! 

Did we mention that you can add an extra oomph factor to your cute bikinis? Yes, you read it right. That’s why we already did the fashion homework on which BOOMBA goodies are perfect for your bikinis, so you don’t have to. 

Whatever swimsuit style or cut you wear on your summer plans, BOOMBA’s got you covered (literally!) 

Triangle Bikinis    

Nicknamed “trikini,” the triangle bikini is a timeless swimwear staple. It is famous for its triangular-shaped cups that cover each breast. This swimsuit style highlights the waist, making it flattering for women with hourglass body shapes. 

Pair this bikini with Ultra Boost Inserts to give you gorgeous cleavage during your beach day or pool parties. 

Bandeau Bikinis    

Bandeau bikini tops usually go straight across your chest and wrap around your bust like a tube top. This style balances your figure by highlighting your top and drawing attention away from your bottom, making it ideal for women with a pear-shaped body type. 

This bikini would go perfectly well with BOOMBA Body Tape to create the look of a fuller bust instantly. 

One-piece Swimsuit

A one-piece swimsuit is a staple for women who want to have fun under the sun. This swimsuit style provides coverage for your entire midsection and helps elongate your torso, making it flattering for all body shapes. 

This bikini is best-paired with Demi Boost Inserts for instant lift and volume. 

Underwire Swimsuit

A bikini with an underwire looks like a traditional bra, yet it has metal wires into fabric casings placed underneath the bust to provide more lift and support. This is an excellent choice for BOOMBA Babes with an inverted triangle body shape, as it highlights your chest and legs while emphasizing the curve of your hips and waist.

You can pair this with Ultra Boost Inserts to add up two cup sizes and achieve that gorgeous silhouette in seconds. 

Sports Bra Bikinis

If you want added support, a sports-bra bikini is an excellent choice. Sports-bra bikinis provide enough coverage to hold in larger busts and keep breasts from spilling out of their cups. This swimsuit style flatters many body types but is perfect for women who have athletic body types as it emphasizes your lean shoulders and arms.  

It would be perfect to pair with Demi Boost Inserts to add extra volume and security from wardrobe malfunctions.

One-shoulder Bikini

This swimsuit style is also known as “asymmetrical,” which means there's just one strap going over one shoulder instead of straps on both shoulders. It is ideal for BOOMBA Babes with oval body types, as this style will emphasize their voluptuous figure. 

This bikini type would go well with Perfect Boost Inserts for an instant boost in cup size and to prevent any nip slip mishaps.

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