Myths About Increasing Your Breast Size Without Supplements Or Surgery

Get the true scoop on how to increase your bust size naturally

Quick question: Have you ever tried a trick to increase your breast size naturally, but it didn’t work at all?

The desire to have larger breasts has grown all over the world. According to the Breast Size Satisfaction Survey (BSSS) study, 47.5% of women wanted larger breasts. The craze for bigger bust size has attracted a lot of old wives’ tales about "instant" or “natural” ways to increase your cup size, and they need to be pointed out.

Keep scrolling to find out the myths and facts about changing your breast size *naturally*.

Myth #1: “Exercise Your Way To Bigger Boobs”

Let’s talk about boobs, shall we? Breasts are made of fat and breast tissue— they don’t contain muscular tissue. That’s why no matter how consistent you are with your push-ups or chest press, your pectoral muscles will not be “increased.”

Myth #2: “Gain Weight, Gain Boobs.”

What you eat doesn’t impact your breast size. This one might be somewhat true. As we said, breasts are made of fatty tissue. Weight gain might increase your breast size. However, fats cannot just go into your breasts area. If you gain weight, you gain it all over your entire body.

Myth #3: “Creams And Massage Increase Cup Size Instantly and Naturally.”

Creams to increase your bust size? Not so fetch. The “increase-the-bust-size-naturally” market has taken advantage of the desire of women to have bigger boobs. They are selling products claiming to boost fat cells in your breast area. Proven by science, the only factors affecting breast size are weight gain, hormonal fluctuation, or surgery.

The Perfect Solution To Increase Your Cup Size In Seconds!

We understand that there are certain times that you want to give your bust a fuller look when you wear your bikinis or plunging dresses. 

You want to increase your breast size but are hesitant about the expensive and painful surgery or pricey supplements.

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